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...unlock your artistry in the pages of myDANCEjournal

What's inside


Be ready + stay organized for whats ahead by filling out your monthly and weekly calenders.


Set your goals at the beginning of each mouth.  Write them down and make yourself accountible.


Ever feel overwhelmed? Use the guidence of myDANCEjournal to help you be more mindful.


NEW! Each week you will have a full page to write your own ideas, thoughts and doodles.

Monthly Calender + Goals
weekly calender
Sunday Relection + Doodles

"What you're looking for is not out there it's in you."
~Helen Keller

Wouldn't it be cool if you were more confident on on the dance floor? Do you want to hit that triple turn or fly through the air in your leaps and jumps? myDANCEjournal is the tool to help you. Become more focused with your thoughts, words and actions when filling out the guided questions, monthly and weekly calenders, by setting your goals and finding inspiration in the pages of this one of a kind mindset diary for young dancers. There is even blank pages to get creative and jot down your own notes, thoughts and doodles. Be the hero in your story this dance season and for life.

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My daughter has been using  myDANCEjournal for over a year now.  She uses it to keep track of her busy schedule, create weekly/monthly goals for herself and reflect on her progress or short-comings. I’ve seen her grow in maturity and self-accountability. myDANCEjournal has been a valuable tool in creating positive habits for her future success in dance and life.

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My Story

Hi, my name is Sarah Christine Smith and with 25+ years of experience in the entertainment industry and teaching I know how hard it is for dancers to manage their training, school, mindset and emotions. That is why I created myDANCEjournal. 


I wish I had this tool when I was training so I could have better coordinated my training, performances & understand my emotions better. I would have loved using the monthly and weekly calendars in myDANCEjournal to help me stay focused on my goals, alleviate stress by staying organized and to celebrate my achievements. 


Through my experiences on the stage and in front of the camera I’ve realized that the vulnerability needed to be a passionate performer is sometimes overwhelming. Checking in with myself on a weekly basis to see what my thoughts and feelings are is really important. "Sunday Reflections" in myDANCEjournal are constructed with questions to track just that. Dancers will get to know themself better and be able to manage their mindset and feelings. 


Dance is about living your best life and performing with passion. I am so excited to be able to provide myDANCEjournal to dancers. It is truly the tool to discover the dancer & artist you are meant to be. 

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